You may not want to row the Atlantic but you can still play a crucial role in the wider team that makes it all happen

Our target is to raise £100,000 for our charities and charity donations will go straight to them. In addition, the challenge will cost us over £100,000 to get to the start on La Gomera in December. The boat, the onboard equiptment, insurance, entry fees and shipping the boat all costs money. Please help us by becoming a 250 Team Member or a sponsor at any level. Much of the cost is in the valuable boat and equipment and our aim is to sell this at the end of the race and split the proceeds with our charities making every donation count.

Ways to get involved

Become a 250 member and your name and message travels with us on the boat

Donate to our Charites

Become an official R3OB Sponsor through one of our exciting packages

If you’d prefer to donate a prize for our pre-race auction we’d be delighted to hear from you