Day 11

It’s hot hot hot as we carry on heading more towards the Cape Verdes than Antigua. Due to weather conditions it’s hard for us to make the turn until the trade winds have re-established themselves from east to west. This is due to happen on Christmas Day, what a gift to wake up to.

People have asked how it is possible that our damaged centre board slowed us down so dramatically. As it came out it looked like the fin of a killer whale that had lived at sea world in a pool it’s entire life, completely flaccid and bent at a right angle to its other half of which it was still awkwardly attached like a bad break up.

It’s hard to play the long game when the short game is so tempting. The long game is eating, resting and generally taking care of ourselves and the boat knowing that we have the possibility of at least another 4 weeks out here. The short game is 3 up rowing as much as is physically possible, less rest and time for self admin.

I keep telling myself although this is set up as a race the name of the event is the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. No statement of a race in here but my competitive nature is desperate to know where the others are, what winds they are getting and what weather they are generally expecting. I then revert to ‘Andy!!! Row your own crossing’

The wind and sea state have dropped and we are due a couple of days of restpite. This unfortunately makes pushing just under 2 tonnes through the water under oar quite difficult. Boxing Day is our 2 week mark and the next largest hurdle for me personally to follow will be New Years day which will mark my realistic half way point of a potential 6 week crossing. If I’m honest right now the days and nights just merge together and it actually only feels like 1 or 2 days ago since we left so whatever time we end up doing it in will feel fast once we hit the dock in Antigua.

From a very hot and sticky sleeping box


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