Day 32

Final blog for a week, sorry it's short but rowing must come first

Yesterday was by far the hottest day we have had.  As Jonny and I came out of our cabins for the 16:00 watch we looked drained. Jonny had sweat dripping from his eye balls and looked as though he had spent the last 2 hours of his off watch being interrogated. There was only one thing for it. A quick dip in the ogin, a scrape of the underside and back to business.

The end is in sight and with hopefully under 2 weeks remaining I have decided to use my off time to either sleep or row. So the blogging will have to come to an end for now. We have picked up the pace and are giving it everything we have left in the tank.

Not much changes here onboard. Andy Williams is still wandering around as naked as the day he was born sporting his summer time Santa beard, Nick Wright is still as his friends say spinning dits hard and keeping his feet wet consistently with either wave water, rain water or drinking bottle water and Jonny is growing more facial hair by the day which could cause havoc with his parents ability to recognise him.

So wish us luck as we continue our journey across this great expanse.

Andy and the Team

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  • Sheila C says:

    Well done Andy and team – you guys are inspirational! Can’t wait to see the live feed of you arriving in to Antigua!

  • Wow, we’ve just checked and you’re currently in 7th place — amazing work team! We’re sure you’re all exhausted but we are in absolute awe of you all. We’re so pleased to be one of your chosen charities and are so grateful for all you’re doing to support those with cancer being treated at St. Luke’s. Best of luck for the last few days – we’ll be keeping an eye out.

    Best wishes from all of us at Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity

  • Sarah Hawkins says:

    We’ve been thinking of you each day, keeping up to date with progress and really enjoying the blog. You guys are more than incredible and a daily inspiration to us all. Thank you, wishing you huge luck and strength for the rest of way – almost there! Everyone at BodyTalk xxxx

  • Trayc Randall says:

    You guys are amazing, keep going, nearly at the end of your epic adventure, looking forward to seeing a picture of you drinking rum punch, with your beards so long they cover up your sunburnt todgers!! Looking forward to your next update, even if it’s from dry land xx keep going chaps xx

  • Paul says:

    I do hope you are recording this on Strava… You know what they say…! 😊
    Great job, enjoying the blog and following you guys on the map. You are doing so well! Almost there!
    Paul R

  • Paula Nixon says:

    I have been mesmerised by your battle with Atlantic Seamen! So, so impressed with what you are doing. Loved the blog, and the ethos you inspire. Now row safe and strong. From Andy W’s brother’s sister-in-law – another rower (albeit on little West Country rivers).

  • Tim Drewitt says:

    Just found this blog my mother Andy williams mums cousin in Guernsey told me to look it up looks amazing challenge good luck for the rest of the way. Tim

  • Nick Mair says:

    Amazing updates guys – thanks for keeping us enthralled. You’re doing so incredibly well guys – so proud of you – all power to your oars for the home straight!

  • Steve 'Noddy' Holder says:

    Tent 134 have been keenly following your journey and we are all wishing you well on your epic feat. The blog is awesome and Mark is looking forward to the naked pics of AndyW 😉🤣.

    Stay strong and get it done boys, you’re doing yourselves proud.

  • Jane Eastwood says:

    Thank you, Andy, for taking the time to keep us updated with anecdotes of your amazing journey. What you guys are doing is incredible and the blog has really brought home the enormity of the challenge. Keep going strong and focus your energies on rowing and looking after yourselves as best you can.

  • Damien Robinson says:

    Thanks for keeping us all entertained, sorry for Nicks shit Dits, we’ve all had it for years 😩😩, good luck on the final chapter of your epic adventure . The Robinsons

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