Day 28

Good morning from nearly 1000 miles to go. It’s been a tough old slog but Antigua is well and truly on our radar’s. There is a great deal of chat about what people are looking forward to most upon arrival. Jonny is looking forward to an ice cold beer and a double bed, Andy W is looking forward to 2 cold beers in close succession and seeing his wife Sue, Nick is looking forward to a good feed and drink and I am looking forward to a 7 hour unbroken sleep and a rose lunch that lasts the entire afternoon.

It’s always amazed me with any offshore sailing I’ve done how people adapt to their surroundings, dig deep and actually end up embracing life onboard in the little world away from everything else that is created. This world is built on communication, respect, hard work, structure and a moral code. With all of these things in place a harmonic and supportive environment is formed which makes something like this very obtainable.

Over the last 24 hours we have seen 3 other boats and actually been close enough to 2 to witness other human life. The old SCA Volvo Ocean Race boat now Ambersail 2 altered course to buzz past us at a rate of knots to say hello yesterday. The guys onboard gave us a round of applause which was welcomed encouragement before shooting off into the distance. I dare say what will take us close to 18 days will only take them 4 or 5. It made me realise how much I miss Ocean Sailing.

Events like this just make me realise that anyone can do anything in life if they want it enough and the biggest hurdle is mind over matter. Once the mind is controlled the task becomes easier and often even enjoyable. There hasn’t been one day so far that I’ve wished to be anywhere else and it certainly makes you appreciate the little things in life.

A dream is a thought, A plan is a thought on paper with a date.

Get planning for 2019

Andy and the Team

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  • Mary says:

    Well done to all of you…..We know Andy W and have been following your progress closely. You are all mad…and AMAMZING! So in awe of what you are doing. Keep strong, safe and happy. Keep the blogs going too I have kept an eye out for the each one eagerly. Best wishes, Anthony and Mary Richards.

  • Jed Cunningham says:

    Utmost respect to you guys. Your endurance is inspirational. Keep rowing.

  • Spencer Butt says:

    Well done guys! We (everyone at Over The Wall) loves reading your blogs and are very proud to be R3OB’s chosen charity! Nearly there!!!!! : )

  • Ellie David says:

    You Beauty!!! Not long to go now…Wishing you all the best xoxox

  • Rosemary Jenkins says:

    We have been watching your progress every day and have enjoyed reading your blog. We, (Rosemary & Mike Jenkins), are friends of Nick and also his Mum and Dad . We are just amazed at what you have accomplished so far. Wishing you well for the rest of your journey.

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