Day 27

We are down to our last 100 miles before we are counting down in 3 figures to the finish. Every watch Jonny and I do the distance to finish versus current boat speed math and it changes on a daily basis. We will be happy anywhere between the 22nd and the 25th of January but as we are all aware anything can change whilst at sea.

Rather than it being a battle between the other boats taking on this challenge it has become a battle to beat the 25th of January giving us all a bit of time in Antigua for some well deserved r and r before rushing back to work.

The weather is becoming more and more consistent of that expected of the trades which has been a welcomed relief and adds a knot easily to our boat speed.

Cherry picking the decent food and snack packs including certain favourite items has very clearly become a thing onboard. You only really find out what your body wants, craves or needs when your out here so there are certain foods we have taken with us that have been sidelined by all of the crew. You will occasionally pop your head out of the hatch only to see the other watch surrounded in the dried food packs as they dig deep to find the vanilla desert or spaghetti Carbanara that they are so desperately craving. I dare say we will all be on a diet of beef goulash and salted nuts for the final week.

A massive thank you should probably go out to Morag at the Biltong Emporium in Bracknell who has supplied us with the enough of this fabulous protein source to get us across. The sticky BBQ is the favourite followed closely by the Italian variety. We find ourselves opening a new daily snack pack just for the Biltong.

Last night we were minding our own business, rowing along when we spotted a lit up spinnaker just off our port side. After checking the AIS we realised it was support yacht Skye, skippered by a very happy and positive Manfred. Bearing in mind this is the first boat we have seen in a good few weeks we were delighted when they came alongside to wish us a happy new year and gave us a positive pat on the back for our progress so far. Just amazing in this expanse of water that we happened to be so close. After 10 minutes and a serenation of land of hope and glory they popped their kite and carried on ahead.

Thank you for all the continued support

Andy and the Team

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