Day 26

I’m not quite sure why but we are all finding it harder to get up for our 2 hours on the oars throughout the night. Andy with his insomnia and fear of missing out on deck means that he doesn’t hit the snooze button as much as the rest of us. It is not uncommon for Jonny and I to be woken up at quarter to the hour only to hit our internal snooze and wake again 3 minutes before having to take over. I unfortunately can lie with the straightest of faces and tell Andy I’m awake and ready only to be found curled up in a ball like a dog on our bean bag fast asleep again a couple of minutes later. Our brains must wonder what the hell is going on and why they need to be reactivated every 2 hours.
This morning when Andy woke me for my 04:00 until 06:00 watch I reacted like a grumpy teenager and secretly wanted to just tell him ‘no…..not this time buddy, you going to have to drag me out if you want me in that seat!!’ Of course I arose willingly and positively in the end and began to warm into it as Nick warmed out of it ready to hit the sack.
We have spent around 8 days in total hand steering since the start as part of our battery management plan when conditions allowed. This gives both our steering arms a rest and allows our batteries to get up to somewhere near full charge again. This does make things slightly more difficult but is a safer option in the long run. Without batteries there is no  fresh water and without water there is no unsupported completion of the challenge.
We have taken to spicing and mixing up our meals and now add super noodles to most of the dried meal packs giving us a 1000 calorie meal each sitting and creating what can only be described as a pot noodle on acid.
This morning the talk of the watch was beards. ¬†Now having a beard isn’t unusual for me and the reasoning being is that I don’t like shaving and without one I look like a 13 year old boy again. As for my team mates the owning of a furry face is new and it turns out not so exciting. Nick is looking forward to a proper cut throat shave at a barbers once home. Don’t worry Katie he is keeping it until you get to see it in the flesh and then getting rid. It will be the first time Jonny’s mum who will be waiting at the finish line will have seen him with any sort of facial hair. Jonny thinks it will be that moment of ‘my boy is all grown up ‘clarity even though he is the grand old age of 33, so watch this space as it could very well be an emotional moment. As for Andy, Andy who? More like Santa who has hit the Atkins diet in a serious way after a Christmas binge.
Let peace be the journey
Andy and team R3OB

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