Day 25

Day 25 and a significant milestone for Andy and Jonny in their 5 day count up to the unknown arrival date. Unfortunately the ever changing unknown arrival date is causing changes in flights, accommodation and welcoming party plans all being dealt with by our families at home. We are all extremely grateful of your support and efforts.

Yesterday was welcomed with a 4 hour stint of 90s dance club classics. I’m a strong believer that there will never be a decade of dance like this again. I’m sure my rowing technique was compromised during this time but enjoyment levels quite literally went through the roof.

Not only do Jonny and I have the pleasure of seeing Andy Williams at watch changeover times during the night we also see him often up to 4 times during our watch and his off watch time. Andy will periodically get himself up, dressed and ready to go only to be told to go back to bed. This was becoming completely ridiculous so now I have to turn his light on in the cabin when I wake him so he knows I’ve actually been in and woken him and it’s not just a figment of his imagination. Now when he pops his head out of the cabin thinking he should be on the oars I just ask him the simple question ‘Is the light on?’ to which he generally responds by just pulling the hatch slowly to a close again……no words needed.

Going to the toilet is something I’ve briefly touched on but it’s cosy to say the least. There is a preference to whether you face forward as you sit on the bucket so you can see the base of the wave your hurtling down or aft so you are looking at the back of the head of your rowing partner and at the wave building behind the boat you are about to surf down.

Now this morning was no different. Everyone has had that moment in the toilet where they want to share their achievement, pain, surprise or whatever it maybe with someone. 1% of the population would probably consider taking a picture of the fruits of their labour to send to someone and only 0.1% would actually do this. Unfortunately I would place myself in the 0.1%. This morning was different I had my friend just 0.5m infront of me to share my special moment with. Once finished I eagerly tapped poor Jonny on the shoulder to show him my creation at which he responded ‘that looks like a bloody draught excluder’ as he struggled to stay on his seat. There are friends who are close but this is close.

Let peace be the journey


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