Day 24

Another epic sunset and sunrise in the space of a 12 hour period. The morning tones of Sam Cooke are blaring from the speaker and the crew are fed, as well rested as can be and watered. Yesterday saw our 3rd swim of the trip and although Nick and I witnessed a little shark just meters from the boat a few days previously no one was deterred. We joked about winning a potential photo competition if there was such a thing and said if we stream a 50m rope from the back of the boat then let it drift away and took a selfie we would probably win, it would also probably be the last selfie we ever took. Don’t worry this idea was quickly quashed by our health and safety committee onboard.

We once again have a clean under carriage, following winds and a much more respectable speed for a January arrival. Jonny is on garbage management this morning whilst I sit here and tap away on the iPad. This involves folding and taping all rubbish, filling scented dog bags then stowing in our garbage locker. We have also rationed out the wet wipes and toilet roll as the general consensus was that if we carry on going the rate we are going with them that by the final week we would have to resort to using our detol cleaning wipes on our very sensitive skin. This means that we have to be extra careful as once we run out of our personal stash that’s it.

I asked the guys this morning to give me 2 items or activities they wouldn’t have wanted to go without onboard. Andy W smugly said the boat and followed up not so smugly arse cream, Nick very flatteringly said the rest of the team and the support and following from his loyal fans, Jonny said talc and the swim stops and mine would be my trainers and Tilley hat.

The weather has turned and the sea state is messy once again. This means only one thing. Andy W’s meat and 2 veg spends more time covered than uncovered to protect it from the elements and his loin cloth is placed once again on standby. Andy is becoming more and more at home with his loin cloth look everyday and it worries me he may want to take it back with him into everyday life. The truth is unfortunately the only place it would be appreciated in public is within a tribe and there aren’t many of these around the Chichester area.

The Sun is shinning and we are pointing at the wonderful island of Antigua

Let peace be the journey

Andy and the team xxx

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