Day 23

Whales and dolphins for breakfast….. what a combination. Jonny is our whale expert onboard gaining all of his tricks of the trade working on a whale watching boat out of New Zealand a few years ago. The pod swam with us for about an hour during sunrise whilst we crawled our way through the hot and sticky treacle like conditions. Nick waited patiently with go pro in hand to capture these fine sea beasts surfacing to show his daughters when he returns home. I think he may have caught the tail end of it.

The watch changes have delivered new conversations and a fresh take on the second half. Whilst Andy and Nick discuss their World Cup rugby dream teams, Jonny and I have started a desert island disk/ this is your life interview approach from birth to present day. It’s amazing what you may not know about people you have known for long periods of time. Jonny and I met offshore sailing together around 9 years ago and have been friends ever since. We never took the time to listen to each other’s life stories until now and I find it absolutely fascinating and something I will make the time to do with other friends I have met or meet later in life and didn’t have the pleasure of growing up with.

Talking of Go Pros Andy W’s second baby onboard after Shaun the sheep skin is his voice activated and not always responsive Go Pro 7. I asked him this morning if he had delved into the voice automated world with anything else before of which he replied that it was a first time. Andy for those that don’t know is probably the most techy amongst us onboard and currently works closely and sells software applications for insurance. Now I can’t just leave it at that because prior to working with software and other business ventures Andy flew attack helicopters in the military for years so he is no stranger to working under pressure. All I can say is I’m glad the helicopters weren’t voice automated otherwise I fear they would never have left the helipad.

I find Andy firm but fair with his Go pro but by the 7th or 8th time after being asked to turn on  or take a picture and it not doing so he gets slightly more firm and uses activations and communication techniques which i’m not sure are built into the Go Pro’s command system.

Everyone is hot and bothered but we continues to press on in good spirits. We will be certainly stopping for a 10 minute swim this afternoon to reduce our core body temperature and give the bottom one last little scrub, that’s the boats bottom before we are pedal to the metal again for the next 5+ days as the wind spins to North East or East or somewhere in between.

Love as always

Andy and the R3ob Team

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  • Cat says:

    Woohoo nice one Jonny, hope you knew what species of whales and dolphins they were. 😉 just found the blog after randomly thinking about you and your race progress yesterday. Hope you are all doing well, not long to go now…just keep rowing, just keep rowing, rowing rowing rowing….

    Love Cat (Auckland Whale and Dolphin)

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