Day 22

2 swimming ducks day 22. With the New Year a couple of changes have been made here onboard. Unfortunately the weather isn’t one of these. A change in rowing partners has taken place. Andy W and Nick are now rowing together leaving Jonny and I to put the world to rights and try and build my knowledge and taste of music which I seem to have taken from the late 90’s and stuck with up until now.

Jonny and I looked at entering this very challenge around 6 years ago but struggled with the time and the financial side of it. It was somethingĀ  that then never got off the ground and work and life ended up getting in the way. Fast forward 6 years and here we are after being introduced to Andy whom had made the plan with Nick after completing Marathon Des Sables and were looking for candidates to form the rest of the team.

It’s interesting onboard how we are all quantifying the time it will take and setting our own milestones in the process. I have taken the Clive Woodward approach and starting a clean sheet after the first half of 20 days and counting from 1 to 20 again using every 7 days as milestones. Andy W’sĀ  and Jonny’s milestones are in increments of 5 days and the under 1000 miles mark. Nicks is the time between now and sitting down for a hearty kebab at his local shop the Bodrum Grill.

As we are sat for 12 hours a day rowing the item your sat on becomes very important. Jonny introduced everyone to the memory foam donut which has been an absolute winner topped off with a layer of Ikea’s finest sheep skin. All of our sheep skins are named Shaun and have become extremely personal to each individual. Shaun Williams is cared for brushed and stowed in a dry area when not in use. He has become the saving grace for Andy W’s rear end and is well respected throughout the community of Shaun’s for the sterling efforts he has made so far this trip.

When a rower become detached from their Shaun or their Shaun is no longer in the place they thought they left him panic strikes and accusations are flung around like inscence in a yoga studio.

This happened just the other day after a clean down of the boat where the herd of Shaun’s we’re stowed together to keep them dry. Andy W came up on watch a very quickly and loudly noted ‘That’s not my Shaun’. With no other option he sat down on what can only be described as an imposter and started to row.

Later that watch when Andy decided he couldn’t take anymore of being on top of the wrong Shaun he demanded a line up. With in seconds he cried out ‘That’s my Shaun’ and with a snatch of the hand retrieved Shaun Williams at the speed of light and they proceeded to go about their day. It turns out Shaun Williams was keen to try the under carriage of Nick before being returned to his rightful and loving owner.

The morale to this story is don’t let your Shaun out of your sight.

We are sub 1400nm and awaiting the westerly breeze

Let Peace be the Journey


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