Day 19

When I started this blog I didn’t expect it to go out anywhere, it was more for my family and close friends. Thanks to Sarah Hilton for putting it on the website it is now a gateway from the outside world in and allows all of our friends and families to get a feel for what is going on onboard.

We appreciate all the messages of support coming in from various angles and our thanks must also go to everyone who has given to our chosen charities so far.

Some of you will have noticed the lack of blogging yesterday. This was due to an overflow of e-mails from Lord Nick Wrights chums. Somebody has given Trigger, Sandy, Tattoo Stan, Paddy, chalky white and whole other heap of military bods without real names our contact address causing bandwidth overload on what can only be described as a very small system on a very small boat. If this carries on Nick will require a secretary of some sort if he plans to carry on rowing too.

In all seriousness thanks for the support guys and the real reason there was no blog was because I kept falling asleep whilst trying to type in this 30 degree heat like an old man by the fire at Christmas.

After what felt like a couple of slow days we have managed to pick up the pace again and last night felt good. Jonny lent me his MP3 player which plays full albums in no particular order. At 04:00am during watch change I sat down to what I can only describe as the sound of Gordon Ramsey loosing his shit in the kitchen. This was System of a down apparently. Jonny quickly figured this wasn’t going to help motivate me row so as a good friend would proceeded to move backwards and forwards with me whilst I rowed clicking through at least 3 albums worth of music from this head case band leaving me with The beetles for the rest of the watch.

Whilst Jonny and I were tackling the important stuff, like putting me in the right place music wise for my watch Andy Williams was sat, head torch on playing around with his now less swollen knee. Little did we know that he was in fact self harming and carving out pieces of skin with a scalpel he had acquired from the medical kit. The results from what can only be described as no anesthetic local surgery are promising. He will be seeing himself again in 2 days for a check up.

Those with a keen eye on the plotter will realise we have rowed some extra miles compared to other teams. This was done to get ourselves into what we call the trade winds. The idea being row further but eventually go faster because the route is supposedly statistically more wind assisted this time of year from East to West. Unfortunately for us potentially due to global warming, not enough of us owning a Prius and fracking this hasn’t yet been the case. We continue to slog it out in the heat of the day waiting, hoping and praying that our statistical breeze will come back and join us for the second part of our journey.

Let Peace be the journey

Andy and the team

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