Day 17

Jane Eastwood I salute you. Jane is Andy Williams massage and ayurvadic therapist in Chichester and before leaving gave Andy the 101 in fixing muscular aches and pains by giving him a list of pressure points for various injuries. Jonny and I have been permanently fixed after a quick rub down by magic hands Williams. Watch out Jane you’ve taught him everything he knows and is looking at opening a competitive studio in the area close by.

This race isn’t easy on the body. I sat in my seat last night going round and round in circles with everything that hurt in my head. The truth is there is always something that takes president and for me currently it’s my ass, which was inevitable at some point. It currently looks like a teenage boys face I’m told, obvioulsy without the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Andy Williams is unfortunately battling with something a little more frustrating and painful being an infected area around the knee cap. We are 5 days into this infection now and not a moan or grumble has come from this mans mouth and he still arrives for every watch ready to go. Field medic Nick Wright let loose on it today stating he had dealt with worse infections on his rear end and continued to prod and poke it until white puss was flying out in his direction.It did leave me wondering how he tackled his own ailments in the same vigorous manor.

Jonny to keep his peachy buttocks intact has taken to wearing women’s silky underwear without seams. We were advised before we left by an ocean rower I won’t name that they were the only way to go at sea. I just wonder how he discovered them to be so effective. Thanks Charlie for the advice. I’m leaving it as a very last resort but never say never.

We have had what feels like a slower day today but are expecting the conditions to pick up and work in our favour over the next few days. With only 1600 miles to row, that’s roughly North to South of the UK coastline 2 and a half times we feel we have really broken the back of the adventure.

Enjoy your beds and 8 hours this evening. We will retire to our sweat boxes only to be woken an hour and a half later for some further exercise.

Andy and the Team

Our whole row is dedicated to two great charities that mean a huge amount to us as a team; Over the Wall and the Royal Surry County Hospital.

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  • Jane Eastwood says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words Andy. Fantastic work by the team so far – quite amazing! Hope Andy W’s knee infection is quickly healed. Row, row row that boat – you’re halfway there!

  • Steve 'Noddy' Holder says:

    Sounds like quite the journey already guys.

    Well done so far, hope the infections, aches and sores ease quickly and you enjoy the women’s underwear …… Oh, and the journey !!

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