Day 16

We are speeding along this southern route, charging down waves at over 7 knots and really embracing the help of the wind and currents. Antigua is looking ever closer each day just as much as Nick is looking wetter each day.

Me laughing every time Nick gets take out by a wave or taken down by his equipment (the oars) might have something to do with the barrage of abuse he sends my way on a daily basis. It was only last night I got out of the rowing seat to wake Andy for his 02:00am watch when we got hit by a succession of 3 waves leaving Nick cursing and floating in what now resembled a submarine rather than a rowing boat. Later that evening he was side swiped from his rowing seat by the oar he should have been holding and flung out of his foot straps towards the forward cabin. I can promise the readers this has a much greater comedy element to it than a danger element.

The only time I have been worried for Nicks safety but have been unable to help him due to fits of laughter was when he got his head caught between the boat and his oar. How he got himself in this position I have no idea but he likened the experience to a wrestling chokehold once freed.

Whilst I’m on the topic of mine and Nicks rowing relationship I will touch on the podcast download I mentioned the other day after unknowingly downloading 60 episodes of this said podcast on his recommendation .

Having never listened to it I was sold the fact this guy was a comedian and interviewed some very interesting people. I later realise at sea with no option to download anything else that I’m listening to 3 hour interviews with an America ex mixed martial arts (posh words for cage fighter) and commentator turned so called comedian Joe Rogan.

Unfortunately I  have no interest in mixed martial arts or some guy that can’t finish a sentence without cursing. I guess it just doesn’t really fall in line with my favourite movie ‘The Holiday’, song choice ‘kiss me’ by sixth pence non the richer or new found podcast desert island disks.

I’ve boycott the listening of it after one 3 hours stint but this will prove difficult over the next 20 odd days when the music selection of my poorly selected back to back love song albums run dry. Maybe it’s just a case of trying something new and embracing it. So for those that listen to Joe Rogan.

Stockton mother f*^%er


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