Day 13

It’s Christmas Eve…….! For all of those dot watchers out there you would have noticed we stopped for an hour yesterday. We stopped in 4.2km of water for a swim. The water was crystal clear and we spent half an hour cleaning the underside of the boat and bobbing around in the heat of the midday sun. Unfortunately there was one team member who let themselves down by doing something every other team member wished they had had a go at. Put it this way 4 rowers weren’t the only things bobbing around and he didn’t have use for the bucket for the rest of the day.

I’m finally rowing naked!! Once we had all established that we were all growers and not showers and there was no prizes for the best pubic hair style it was easy and liberating to say the least.

The duty officer rang to check on progress today and when asked if we had any questions. We hit him back with a time to burn versus exposure to the sun of the average male penis and ball combination question? He said he was unsure but it may be wise to have a team mate apply lotion to said parts. This in my mind is probably one step too far.

My rowing partner Nick and I have a very tough love relationship. He’s the tough part and I’m the love part. I feel he sees it at his mission to break and then reshape me as they do in the military. We are still in the breaking phase but I’m hoping after new year the reshaping will begin and he at least remembers that he has to complete the whole process and not just the breaking section.

Being woken up every 2 hours to do exercise is one thing but imagine being woken with a question that the mind for some reason wants to give an answer to. This is the new game onboard. The first question to come out of the barrel was to a sleeping Jonny. It went something like this ‘Jonny! Jonny! Are you awake??’ How do they get ships in glass bottles? Jonny answered calmly from his dazed state ‘its automatic’.

We are hot but happy here on the good ship Emma.

Love to all families and friends this Christmas Eve

I shall be kicking the arse out of the Christmas songs for the next 36 hours!!!


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  • Happy Christmas guys from everyone at Over The Wall. You’re doing an amazing job and we’re all thinking of you, especially today when you would be celebrating at home instead of rowing the Atlantic!

    We can’t thank you enough for supporting us and the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

    All the best for the rest of the race. We’re tracking your progress and cheering you on. Go Team Row Row Row Our Boat! You’re amazing.

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