Day 12

It’s a mill pond out here which is welcomed from an admin point of view but not a rowing point of view. It’s like rowing the boat through treacle without a little following breeze and or sea to help us out.

Breakfast this morning consisted of Mac and cheese which is both like rocking horse shit and at the same time the most sought after ration pack onboard, Tika masala and pasta Carbonara. Hearty to say the least.

Fashion has taken a whole new turn and the loin cloth is the item to be seen in on Rowing boat Emma this Christmas. This leaves the bottom to breath but covers up what little dignity we all have left.

During preparations for this I wished I’d spent time with naturists or on nudist beaches. Unfortunately during a training row to Brighton the nudist beach was closed due to the weather so we didn’t get chance to wander around in our belt like harness straps and acclimatise our generally unseen bits to the elements.

The Christmas songs have gone on this morning much to Nicks disappointment. Baaahhhh Humbug. I’ve threatened to row with Jonny and Andy for 3 days so I can get my Christmas music fix leaving Nick to 3 days of solitary gangster rap or the Joe Rogan show on repeat. I know he wears dog tags for work but didn’t think this would be a reflection in his music taste. P Duddy, 6 pack and J to the dizzy can take a pew until Christmas is over.

Andy Williams due to the state of his derrière has been the first to fully embrace the nudity onboard. We are all going to follow suit the question is not if but when.

Andy is no stranger to Endurance events and him and Nick actually met whilst racing in the marathon des sables in the Sahara desert. I asked him yesterday if he googled endurance events he could do in the nude as he seems very at home with the whole situation and embracing every minute of it.

Seasons greetings from a progressively naked boat


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