Christmas Day

Christmas Day…… How can it be any different to the last 14 days for us sat in this ridiculously sized boat in this even more ridiculously sized ocean. Well today we have Nicks mums Christmas cake to look forward to, washed down with a lukewarm can of coke whilst wearing festive headbands. It’s the small things.

It’s been a landmark 24 hours. At the turn of Christmas Day UTC we finally turned and pointed directly at Antigua. This is a big moment psychologically for the team as we feel we can actually start ticking off the miles from our distance to finish.

It’s amazing how time flies when your doing something repetitively. Other than e-mails and the odd satellite phone call we have no access to the outside world. I guess I’m referring to social media when I say this. It seems that social media has become the building blocks of our society in a way and not that I’m the biggest user but it’s nice to be removed from all of that, even just for a while and actually take the time to share stories through conversation and communicate without the use of a hashtag or a post.

Being a bit of a technophobe and seriously looking to address this in the new year I had no music, play lists or podcasts stored on any device prior to 2 days before leaving La Gomera. I then went through a panic download to help fill the time especially at night.

I downloaded desert island disks which I absolutely love and would recommend to anyone who hasn’t listened to it. With 75 years of interviewing musicians, celebrities, actors and sports stars in a way to get them to open up so we as the listener can relate to them is absolutely amazing. I then downloaded a whole load of Spotify pre made playlist such as weekend wind down, songs to sing in the shower and cheesy hits to give some examples. These all consist of general cheesy pop hits which is right up my street but unfortunately doesn’t strike a cord with everyone onboard. Basically it has been noted that my music taste is uncool.

There is one more pod cast I’ve yet to mention that I blindly downloaded 60 episodes of completely not knowing the content of. I feel this needs more time so will leave it to a future blog. Put it this way, it was inspired by my rowing partner Nick.

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Happy Christmas

Andy and the R3ob crew xxx

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