Boxing Day

Physical training every 2 hours for the best part of 40 days. This should in theory make anything I want to do in the future easy right?

We have been welcomed into this morning with driving rain from the East. We can’t complain as with the rain came a considerable amount of wind and swell from the right direction but nevertheless we are wetter than we would have possibly been without it.

Morale is high after what can only be described as the strangest Christmas Day I have ever experienced. We all received great e-mails of well wishes and support and spoke to our families on the sat phone.

Yesterday was made even better with Nicks mums Christmas cake which is still going strong through Boxing Day. Thank you Maggie. I’m not sure I can give the same thanks to Sue for Andy’s mankini. I would say it doesn’t leave much to the imagination but we skipped the mankini stage around a week ago so it would probably be an improvement.

We are currently surfing down waves in a confused sea from the NE and being helped along by the trades which we are all grateful for after 3 days of rowing in light winds. The only downfall of this is that it makes living onboard much more difficult and we are all constantly wet at the minute.

We were surfing down a wave earlier and it just so happened I was rowing in the centre seat, Andy W was off watch in the aft cabin having a kip, Jonny was sat infront of me having a wash (bird bath style) and Nick was sat on the bucket behind me. I thought I’m basically rowing a small yotel room where everyone is using all of the facilities.

I hope everyone has had their fix of bubble and squeak and extremely meaty sandwiches rammed with pickles today and spare a thought for us trying to spice things up by adding noodles and biltong to our ration packs.

Not much more to report apart from in the wise words of Katie (Nicks wife) slowly slowly catchy monkey.

Let peace be the journey

Andy and team R3ob

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