You are all amazing!

Your names and messages will inspire us throughout the row

The names and messages below will be added to our boat to remind us of all the amazing people supporting us as we row

M Reed

Bon voyage and tight lines “Don’t forget your still living “

Neil Wilson ATG(A)

Good luck to the intrepid rowers of R3OB. You are setting off on an almighty challenge, so large in fact, just getting to the start line will be an achievement. And then the physical endurance test will commence, but I am confident that every one of you has the strength of mind and physical ability to pull yourselves 3000nm across the Pond. All the very best from the Commander and staff at HQ Army AT; we'll be following your every stroke.

Matthew Grant


To flat seas, a clear route and cold beers at the end!


You are here and it is now. That's already a miracle but if you want something to keep you occupied, there's always rowing to to be done so keep rowing boys and we'll see you on the other side!

Anne and David Baxter

'Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming...!! and Never ,never , never give up

Rob Metcalf

That is an impressive adventure. Not sure I will be in Antigua but I am confident you will be!

Ken and Rita Snyder

John and Juliet Olsen

Very best of luck guys, and remember: The same boiling water that softens a potato hardens an egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the situation you find yourself in.

Lysander PR

Roddy Langley and Helen Wright

Roddy and Helen of Lysander PR wish you tenacity, courage and forbearance for when things are tough. This Too Will Pass.

Tadhg Flanagan

Business Space Made Easy

Hello Andy and Team Folks, what you are doing is truly amazing and I wish you every success in the world .
Doubtless there will be some times which are tougher and more challenging than others and at these times I imagine that you’ll just have to concentrate on the next stroke .... next stroke .... next stroke ... soon however the difficult phase will have passed - someone will crack a joke or break wind and all of a sudden you will be back in the groove ...
Well done to all of you
Tadhg Flanagan