Race Completed in 42 Days, 12 Hours and 53 Minutes

Our whole row is dedicated to two great charities that mean a huge amount to us as a team; Over the Wall and the Royal Surry County Hospital.

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Race Updates

Race Complete!

After an incredible 42 days, 12 Hours and 53 minutes the team arrived in Antigua.…
Race Updates

R3OB Due to Finish Tonight!

After an incredible 42 days, Row Row Row Our Boat are due to cross the…
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The Challenge

On the 12th of December 2018 our team of 4 will depart La Gomera and row row row our boat the 3000 + miles to Antigua, racing other crews in The World’s Toughest Row.  What was just an idea in early 2017 when 3 of the team took part in the  The Toughest Footrace on Earth in the Sahara Desert, will have become a reality.  After months of planning, training and working with the amazing support from friends, colleagues, partners and family we will be at the start line ready for the off!  We are anticipating a massive physical and mental challenge and everything we have read and all the people we have spoken to suggest that we will not be disappointed!

Storms and 50ft waves that toss and roll the tiny boat like some giant hand from the sky, blisters, sea sickness, sunburn, lack of sleep, open sores, rehydrated food, exhaustion from rowing in shifts of 2 hours on 2 hours off are just some of the pleasures that we have been promised. We know this, yet we are excited and looking forward to the trip because we are thinking about it differently.

Our real challenge and our commitment is to:

  • Enjoy every minute of the amazing experience we are lucky enough to take part in
  • Deliver a strong performance by being our best (individually and as a team) at all times whatever the challenges might be
  • Demonstrate that choosing how you think makes a massive difference to performance, enjoying the moment and enjoying life
  • Make overwhelming positive memories of the experience and each other
  • Equip ourselves with the skills and confidence to make a positive difference to everyone we interact with on the row
  • Be strong ambassadors for our sponsors and nominated charities

No matter how hard things become or what difficulties we face we know that success and enjoyment is entirely in our hands and minds.

Choosing how you think can change your life!

The Team

Andy leant how to row and scull a small dinghy in Guernsey as an enthusiastic 8 year old and is hoping he can still remember how it is done!  Time spent in the Royal Marines has given Andy an appetite for adventure and challenges  of all kinds and an enduring attitude that life is for living. At work Andy now runs a performance consultancy helping business leaders create happy successful organisations and is a Director of a London based IT Consultancy that he co-founded supporting the Lloyd’s Insurance Market.

Andy enjoys challenging himself in endurance events and spending time in the mountains whenever possible. Whether at work or play Andy is is a strong believer in the power of thinking differently and the importance of positivity in all we do.

Rowing the Atlantic with this team will be a fantastic experience  – what could possibly go wrong?

Andy Williams
Jonny has come to enjoy overcoming tough challenges and relishes connecting with the outdoors and exploring life at its extremes.The row will be the greatest challenge Jonny is yet to face and he is eager to be part of a strong team, excited by the opportunity for rigorous training and stimulated by the mental and physical journey that accompanies this unique opportunity. In life so far, he has been fortunate to experience many parts of the world; this has fuelled his passion for adventure and experience beyond the shores of his much-loved British home.

Jonny comes from a nautical family and as such found himself drawn to the oceans recreationally and professionally. He has worked internationally with the marine industry for some time and now relishes the opportunity to be back on home shores for training and to promote both the team and the challenge. When not working, Jonny thrives on adventure and travel in sea or mountain sports alike. If these life-enriching activities offer the opportunity to also raise money for worthy causes and provide help for others, the stimulation from undertaking them becomes even greater. onny is delighted to join the team and grateful for all the support already shown – he hopes that this adventure will be followed and enjoyed by many.

Jonny Bayley
Andy Burns began sailing Toppers as a schoolboy on Covenham Reservoir in Lincolnshire. By the age of twelve, Andy’s passion for water sports and his drive to succeed saw him set up a second-hand wetsuit stall to fund the start of his watersports career.
Fast forward nearly 20 years and Andy’s vast sailing career has taken him across the globe and seen him log over 100,000 nautical miles working for the RNLI, sail training and superyacht industries. Aged 31 and originally from Skegness, Andy is an experienced yacht racer and has competed in three Round the Island Races, six Superyacht Regattas, Cowes Weeks, the Panerai Classic, The Bicentenary, Sydney Harbour Twilight Series and Lion Island Races.
As a warm up for the Atlantic Row Andy is the skipper of the Great Britain boat in the Clipper 17/18 Round the world yacht race!
A real-life Action Man, Andy is always looking to push himself and has completed marathons, triathlons, two half Ironman competitions, one full Ironman and the 3 Peaks Challenge. When he’s not working, Andy is also a keen windsurfer, kitesurfer, surfer, diver and snowboarder.
Andrew Burns
As a young child growing up in Hampshire I was always fascinated with adventure and the marvels of the world.  I was fortunate to see many parts of the world as a youngster and this has fuelled my desire even more to test myself in the most extreme environments.  Mountains, Jungles, Deserts and Oceans all have their alluring danger and mans attempt to tame them are well documented, something that motivates me even more.A dedicated family man and father of 3 wonderful children, the 2018 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge provides me with an opportunity to inspire my children to greater things by hopefully setting an example they can all be proud of.  This adventure will test my resolve in every way and hopefully this will act as a catalyst for them to challenge themselves throughout their own lives whilst displaying to them that hard work and dedication equal’s success. This challenge is also a chance to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and the “Juniper Trust Foundation” who crucially supported my sister before her passing last year.  I will be dedicating all of my efforts to her and the rest of her “Bosom Buddies” who battle this dreadful disease on a daily basis.

This challenge can’t come fast enough and I am extremely excited to be ably supported by 3 fantastic crewmembers.

Nick Wright

“You're the Captain of your own boat”

Prince EA, Motivational Speaker

Our Name

By now it won't surprise you to know we thought differently about our team name! Row Row Row Our Boat was inspired by the Nursery Rhyme we are all familiar with. But how familiar are you with this rhyme that dates back to 1852 being a metaphor for life? We think Prince EA says it better than we ever could in the video clip to the left, but the key elements are:

Row Row Row

You are constantly rowing, working at life, towards an end

Your Boat

Signifies your life, you and only you are the oarsman rowing down the river of time/life


Don’t race along so you miss too much, enjoy the ride

Merrily Merrily Merrily

Attitude is everything, be happy, positive and passionate about your life journey

We have the ability to make our journey dream-like or a nightmare, the choice is ours alone.

"For those who have fought for it, life has a flavour the protected shall never know"

Guy de Maupassant